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Eric Wheeler | Pipe Dream: The Unlikely Success of Carol Burnett

So excited to see this clip of Eric Wheeler in Watermark Films' short film: Pipe Dream: The Unlikely Success of Carol Burnett!




Noah Birk, Ellen Hancock, Nancy Rosales | Napa Tourism

Noah Birk, Ellen Hancock and Nancy Rosales enjoy a beautiful day in Napa Valley in this new commercial for Napa Tourism.

Nancy Rosales - Ellen Hancock - Noah Birk - Cast Images

          If you cannot see the video below, please view HERE.


Ron Brokenbrough rocks out in this national commercial for CoinStar! Hilarious!

Sac Fashion Week Casting

Cast agent Amber Collins with models Sydney Claire Slaughter, Gemma Rizzuto and Mandana Taheri at this weekend's casting for Sac Fashion Week.

Photos | Nicole Cook.


Cast Images by Nicole Cook

A little peek behind the scenes at Cast Images, courtesy of Nicole Cook. Didn't she make everything look gorgeous?

Chandra Bourne, Owner
Chandra Bourne, Owner 
Amber Collins, Agent - Fashion/Lifestyle Division • Chandra Bourne, Owner
Jessica Mitchell, Agent - On Camera Division
Haley Sutton making our office beautiful!


Instagram Done Right | Melissa Camilleri

We're excited to have a guest post today from Melissa Camilleri, founder of Compliment, Inc. The modeling world has changed drastically with the advent of social media and it's crucial that models know how use Instagram to their best advantage. Did you know that for most of the major show castings at New York Fashion Week models need to have 10,000 Instagram followers just to audition?

Now is the time to start growing your following and Melissa has some terrific tips to help you.

Instagram Done Right

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock the past couple years, you’ll know that Instagram should be a key component to your online marketing strategy, especially as a model. Instagram has bolstered the success of many models, helping them carefully curate their public image and become household names. Clients make hiring decisions based on how many engaged followers models have because that audience translates to their brands. With over 400 million+ active users, Instagram is a powerhouse.  So, it behooves you to show up there, too, with a little strategy.

Likely, you already have a presence on Instagram.  If you’re anything like I was when I first started using the platform, your growth has been slow going and your reach not quite multiplying in the way you see it happening for other models.  It’s frustrating to be in this space.  In fact, I know that feeling well.

It took me one full year to grow my following on Instagram to 1000.  But I was determined and focused.  I observed and took action. I put in place some key strategies that took my Instagram (@shopcompliment) from 1000 to 17,000 the following year.  These days, I’m adding an average of 1500 new followers per month and get 70% of my website traffic and conversions from Instagram. 

To make sure your efforts on Instagram are giving you a solid return on investment for your time, here are four things you can start doing today to grow your personal brand on Instagram:

1. Show up consistently.
It is essential that if you have an Instagram account, you are posting at least once a day to maintain a part of the conversation.  Posting consistently will keep you top of mind in your advertising clients’ heads.  Did you know that studies show that a potential client has to interact with a brand a minimum of 7 times before ever taking action to hire them?  The more you post, the quicker this will happen.  I suggest posting no more than 3 times per day, with your posts at least 3-4 hours between posts. Anything more frequent will just clog your followers’ feeds and get annoying.

2. Get social.
Interact with the people who comment on your photos.  @Mention them back.  Ask them questions.  Share your gratitude.  And don’t be afraid to leave comments on other people’s pictures, too. Be generous with your likes.  Follow back people who are consistently interacting with you.  It’s called a social network for a reason!  Let people get to know you, and seek ways to get to know your followers. 

3. Post with your ideal client and/or follower in mind.
What does she like about your style?  What is on her mind at the time of the day you’re posting?  What does she talk about with her friends?  Where is she when she buys from you?  What are her dreams?  What are her problems and how can you help her solve them?  When you write the captions of your photos, keep her in mind.  Write directly to her.  You’ll find that your engagement will grow authentically with people who are excited about what you’re putting out into the world.  This is a big mindset shift for those of us who started posting things on Instagram just for ourselves or our friends.  You want to remember your purpose.  If you aren’t able to draw a clear line between the personal and professional, consider opening another account for your personal postings.

Many advertising clients may consider their production details secret and proprietary, including locations of shoots, etc. Always check with production before posting anything. And never, ever post if you have signed a non disclosure agreement. Fashion clients LOVE social media posting but advertising clients, like car or tech companies for example, most definitely do not love those things shared until after the advertising has been unveiled.  Complying with your client’s wishes is key to growing your personal brand with integrity.

4. Understand that your numbers are less important than engagement.
Don’t get me wrong, the number of followers you have is definitely important.  Followers act like little votes of confidence and give you credibility.  And because people do what they see other people do, the more followers you have, the more followers you will get.

But, what good is a bunch of followers who don’t ever like your pics?  (I’ll give you a hint: NO GOOD AT ALL.)  Numbers aren’t everything. Authentic engagement is what matters most.  You build engagement by building relationships. 

By putting some key strategies into place (like the ones listed above), you can make sure that you are building trust and turning the followers you do have into raving fans and eventual clients.

Melissa Camilleri is the Founder + Creative Director of Compliment-- a gift brand she launched in 2011 while she was a full-time high school English and AVID teacher.  She credits Instagram for helping her grow her business from a production line on her dining room table to the socially-responsible corporation it is now.  At the urging of her business-owner friends who wanted to replicate her marketing success, Melissa dusted off her teaching hat and created the 21-Day Insta-course to help others market their products, services, and brick and mortar shops.  Tens of thousands have attended her virtual courses, participated in her workshops, and studied under her guidance.  She believes we rise by lifting others™.  She lives and loves in Northern California. 

Say hello to Melissa on Instagram @shopcompliment.

Kairyn Reed | Pottery Barn Kids

Cast cutie Kairyn Reed for Pottery Barn Kids. Too much cuteness!

Lexy Brozdounoff by Nicole Cook

Gorgeous Lexy Brozdounoff by Nicole Cook.

Evan Fowler | Angel Island

Evan Fowler having a blast for Angel Island.

Angel Island_Cast Images

Angel Island_Cast Images

Angel Island_Cast Images

Angel Island_Cast Images

Angel Island_Cast Images


Faith Vega | OnceWed

Faith Vega on So very beautiful. View the full editorial here.

Photography: Hannah Suh Photography | Coordination and Design: Sealed with a Kiss Events | Florist: Gavita Flora | Hair & Makeup: Julie Dy | Paper Goods & Calligraphy: Rosie Calligraphy | Dresses provided from Lovely Bride SF: 1st Dress (low back dress) Leanne Marshall / 2nd Dress (skirt + top combo) Carol Hannah | Venue: St. Vincent School for Boys | Linens: La Tavola | Rentals: Standard Party Rentals

Be Scouted! | Cast Images Model Search & Sac Fashion Week Audition

Do you want to be a fashion model?
Would you like a chance to meet Cast Images Agent Amber Collins & Owner Chandra Bourne?
Would you like to audition for Sacramento Fashion Week?

Here's your chance!

Cast Images Model Search & Sac Fashion Week Casting

When:   Sat Jan 9, 2015           11 am - 2 pm
              Sun Jan 10, 2015        11 am - 2 pm

Where: Arden Fair Mall
              1689 Arden Way, Sacramento CA

Who:    Women 16-25, 5'8" to 5'11"
              Men 16-30, 5'11" to 6'2"

This will be a big audition, so please do be prepared by reading all of the tips below. This is your chance to make a professional first impression, so be sure to take time to show yourself at your best by following all the instructions. No experience necessary!

Fitted clothes (skinny jeans, tank, V or scoop neck T)
Shoes that you can walk in. Women need pumps or thin heeled shoes. No platforms or chunky heels. Be sure they are comfortable!


  • Be on time
  • Be kind to everyone
  • Be patient
  • Be confident
  • Be neatly and fashionably groomed, with light, natural (but polished) makeup. Hair can be up or down, but be sure we can see your face. Keep hair natural, but neat and groomed. Bring a hair band to pull it back if asked.
Cast Images Models


Your portfolio, if you have one

Comp card, if you have one

Two clear, simple digital images of yourself: one headshot, one full length in fitted clothes. Take the photos with a plain background in natural light and print them out to bring to the casting. For more tips on taking digitals, please visit this page and scroll down to "photo tips." You can also look at the collage above for inspiration.

Photos and comp cards need to have the following information printed on them:
  • Height
  • Bra size
  • Waist measurement (& inseam for Men)
  • Hip measurement (largest part of your hips)
  • Dress size (Women); Jacket & shirt size (Men)
  • Shoe size
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Contact information (agent name and phone number or your phone and email)
Makeup bag for touchups

Something to keep you entertained while you are waiting

What to expect:

There will be waiting, so be light hearted about it!
You'll be asked for your book and comp card
You'll be asked to walk
You may have a photo or video taken of you
Be prepared to answer any questions about yourself

What happens after the event?

If Cast Images is interested in meeting with you for an agency audition, we'll reach out and set up a time for you (and your parents if you are under 18) to come to the office.

If you are chosen to walk for Sac Fashion Week, they will be in touch with your next steps.

What if I cannot make it to the model search or do not fit the guidelines above?

You can always submit to Cast Images via our online submission page. We also have an open call for fashion models every Thursday (except holidays).

We can't wait to meet you!

Please do share this event on social media...we want to see lots of new faces!

#castimagesmodelsearch   #sacfw2016    #bescouted