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Cast Images Submission Tips

Are you thinking about submitting to Cast Images? Would you like some simple tips on how to make your submission successful?

We have detailed instructions on our Submit Online page of, but find that people still make mistakes. Before you submit, please read this!

At Cast Images, we receive TONS of submissions and we are able to call very few people in for audition appointments. There are some simple things that make all the difference in the chances of your being offered one of the spots, and I am happy to share them with you.

First, remember that your submission is one of many that we'll consider that day, so make it super easy for us to quickly see your photos and information. The agents are looking at much more than your photos...we are also deciding whether you are going to be professional, reliable and easy to work with. We look at your submission as the first hoop that you need to jump through to show us that you can be a success at Cast Images. Don't do anything that will cause us to hit the delete key!

Content Tips

1. Be sure to read our submission instructions thoroughly and include all of the requested information. If we receive a submission that has everything but the height entered, we assume that the person is too short for modeling. If you don't include the city that you live in, we have no way of knowing if you are in Northern California or Arkansas (and yes, we receive submissions from all over the world.)

2. Keep your submission clear and simple. Remember that you are applying to a professional talent agency...craft your comments like you would any other business correspondence. While you are at it, check your outgoing voicemail message on your contact phone and be sure that is professional too. You are welcome to include links to industry websites in the comment sure that anything you link to is also up to professional standards. Sometimes, less really is more!

3. Avoid over the top claims and language. It turns us off to read that you think you are the next Kate Upton or that you know that you will be a "Big Star" if you just find the right agent. It also worries us when parents are too pushy about their children....if she's really that cute we'll see it in the photos, we don't need you to tell us that she's "absolutely gorgeous and everyone stops me everywhere we go."

4. Put together a simple entertainment resume listing your industry experience. You can check the actors section of our website for examples. Just click on individual actors and you'll see a "resume" link pop up at the bottom of their page that you can reference. If you do not have any experience, just skip this step.

5. Please do not submit children under two years old. We do not represent kids until they hit two but are thrilled to see them as soon as they have their second birthday.

Photo Tips

Your photos are absolutely critical to your submission. Take your time and put together the strongest pictures you can before you hit that send button. This isn't the time to rush and throw something together...the reality is that one bad photo photo can lead to us decide against you. Make your first photo make us want to see more!

1. Follow the instructions on our website. We do not need twenty photos of you. Two or three are perfect. You do not need professional photos... we love clear, well lit digitals. We much prefer to see simple photos that you have a friend take instead of glamour shots, overly stylized fashion pictures, or vacation photos of you and your friends. Remember that the whole purpose of the photos is to see what you look like. Show us!

2. For your digital photos, please wear an uncomplicated outfit that shows your shape and find some nice lighting. Wear very little (lip gloss, mascara) or no makeup and style your hair so that we can see your face. Choose a spot facing a window or head outside. If you shoot outside, do so early in the morning or close to sunset...not when the sun is directly overhead and will be strong and unflattering. Pick a simple background without distractions.  We need to see one photo that is straight on of your face, and one full length. One of these should be a smile. Do not retouch or use fancy filters. Simple!

3. If you have a comp card and/or headshot, please do attach it, but send us current digitals as well. If you do not have a resume, you can use the resume attachment spot to send an additional photo.

4. Format your photos as jpg attachments of around 1MB each. If you do not know how to size them correctly, find someone to help you before you submit.

Here are some examples of outstanding photos that would wow us in a submission:

Fashion Division

Fashion Division
Acting or Lifestyle Division
Kids Division

After You Submit

Once you send us your submission, you will see a confirmation pop up that lets you know that we've received it. If one of the agents is interested in meeting you or your child, we will be in touch within two weeks or so. If you do not hear back within that time frame, you can assume that you weren't a fit at this time for Cast Images. Please do not email us or call to follow up. Once we look at the email and decide not to call someone in, we delete the message and have no way to retrieve it to give you feedback.

If you do get called in, Congratulations! You have cleared the first hurdle. We'll be excited to meet you!

If you are not called in, continue to gain experience in the industry and submit again in six months or when you have made significant progress. For models, work on your hair and skin and getting your body in tip top shape. For actors, take on camera and improv classes, do theatre and independent films and build your resume. For everyone, educate yourself on the industry and make yourself into someone that an agent can't say no to because you are that terrific. For more industry information, please visit our Articles We Love page.

Good luck! We look forward to your amazing submission!

--Chandra Bourne, Owner, Cast Images


  1. I'm very much interested in becoming a model. Do you guys look at plus size models also?

  2. My name is Chynna and I am 13.I have been building up my resume for acting. I think I would be perfect at Cast Images, in fact a girl at my school is signed with you! Is there any specific format to write the resume out; my mom and I have been wondering?

    1. Look at the examples of resumes in the actors section

  3. hi im Amanda im 12 turning 13 in November im interested in acting and maybe some modeling but what scares me is that I don't have a lot of experience but I have a lot of confidence .....can the photo just be a selfie ? or something like that

    1. I am in the same boat as you; I am just getting started. For a headshot, I went to the picture people and asked for someone the best person they had for headshots. As far as the modeling, just have good lighting and a plain background and have a parent take it. They want to see you!

  4. I submitted online but I never got a confirmation email. I am not sure if this means your company got my submission or not?

  5. What if your height is 5'3

  6. Hi! I was just wondering if there's a minimum height for modeling? I'm interested but I'm a little on the short side. How short is too short? Thanks!

  7. Are braces a negative for young teens wanting to model? It seems there would be some demand for teens with braces since it's a typical phase for many teens...

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Braces do make it more difficult, but not impossible. Please do feel free to submit. Thanks!

  8. It is very nice! Thanks a lot, I will definitely use all these useful pieces of advice

  9. What format do you want the resumes to be sent? I was getting an "incorrect format" message when trying to download a PDF file.

  10. If I'm 5'7 would you stillike to see me at open call I'm 14 and still growing as well

  11. Is it bad to Have crooked teeth in acting, my parents cant afford braces.

  12. Hi I was wondering if you accepted people that were 5 foot 9 inches?


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