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Warmest Wishes!


So thankful to be able to make our annual 5% donation today to Freedom From Hunger.
Thank you to all of our wonderful talent and clients who make our charitable giving possible.


The Avails Process | Laurie Records

All about the "avails" process from Casting Director Laurie Richards.
You can view the original article, with working links, at Casting Networks.


Welcome Jammy!

Thrilled to welcome Jammy Bulaya to our lifestyle and acting boards!

Cast Images Kids | SaveMart x 3

We couldn't be more in love with these videos for SaveMart and Lucky!
Hysterical, and a few touches of melt your heart too. The best.

Featuring Cast Images kids Harrison, Quinn, Piper, Emerald, OliviaJulia and Jalen.

Who do you love?

What's your favorite holiday food? If it's Pretzel Salad, you'll fit right in!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Santa...

Now go hug your mom!!


Cast Images Kids | SaveMart

SaveMart asks Cast Images kids "Do you know Jingle Bells?" Laughter ensues!

Watch for Harrison, Quinn, Piper, Emerald, Olivia, Julia and Jalen. ♥♥♥

Ginny Gardner | Heart of Dixie

Congratulations to Cast Images' own Ginny Gardner for her co-starring role as a
young Jamie King on the CW's Hart of Dixie. Love seeing our talent succeed in LA!


New Talking Headshots

Cast Images talent have new Talking Headshots up today, including these ones of
Shelby Wulfert and Dann Shively.

You can view all of the new videos on the talents' profiles:
Emily N, Justin Munoz, Karisa Contreras, Leah J, Marcos O, Michele McCormick,
Mindi Albee-Diemer, Quinn V, Rick Van Pelt and Whitney Mitchell.


Gabby | LA

Excited to have placed Gabby with LA Models.
Beautiful first images just came in!


The Call Back | Terry Berland

Terrific insight into the callback process from Casting Director Terry Berland.
You can view the original article, with working links, at Casting Networks.


Cast Actors | Zero Game Episode 3

Jessica Benz, Jeremy Hoenicke, Eric Gould & Brian Rife in
episode 3 of Zero the Game. Having too much fun!

You can also enter to win a trip to SF on Zero's website.


Cast Images Kids | SMUD

Cast Images kids for SMUD. Ah, summertime, we miss you!
Watch for these on

Quinn, Abby, Wesley, Paige, Lauren, Michael & Emerald.

Rick Van Pelt | The Eleventh Hour

How cool is this?

Rick Van Pelt in "The Eleventh Hour." By Elevendy.


Cast Images Kids | SaveMart

Cast Images kids give us their take on Thanksgiving. For SaveMart & Lucky.

Quinn, Julia, Jalen, Piper, Harrison, Emerald and Olivia.


MIchele Hillen | Sac Bee

Multitasking and multitalented...Cast Images actor Michele Hillen is keeping busy!