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Freedom From Hunger | Double your gift

Cast Images has always donated 5% of our profits to charity and for the
last few years our charity of choice has been Freedom from Hunger
(Based in Davis, CA.)

Today, until midnight, any donations made will be DOUBLED by Jane Pauley
& Gary Trudeau. If you have any extra to give, today would be a great day.
Empowering women through microfinance and education.

Please click HERE to view the webpage shown below.

Ellen Hancock | Muse

Ellen Hancock for Muse.

Photo | Marc Thomas Kallweit


Busy October | Behind the Scenes

It's been a crazy busy October at Cast Images. Sharing some fun Behind the Scenes
shots of our talent in action. Always a kick to peek behind the curtain!

Alex Robertson, Jeremy Hoenicke & Christina Melocik on screen and off at a
SMUD industrial shoot.

Jordan, Abigail & Julia shooting a commercial and print ad for Colorforms Magic Fashion Show.
Quinn getting even more handsome on set for a super secret undisclosed client.

Jessie goes glam for ORIBE.

Mara Croesy on set, and in car, at a SMUD commercial shoot.
Lyndsie Moore backstage at the Karen Caldwell show in San Francisco.



Cast Models | Designing Dreams

Cast Images models Nicole Lynn, Asanté Garrott & Linda Saeturn.
Designing Dreams Fashion Show.

Photos | Mika Cajucom


Jordan T | Disney Spotlight

Cast Images cutie Jordan for Disney Spotlight. Sing it!

Shannon Mahoney | The Wisdom Tree

Cast Images actor Shannon Mahoney in a still from her upcoming feature film,
The Wisdom Tree.

Insights from Shannon on her role:

"I play the role of Susan Hamilton in the film the Wisdom Tree. This role is a particular challenge because not only do I play Susan Hamilton as a young single mother but as a 60 year old women. It took 3 hours in hair and make-up to transform me into the elderly Susan Hamilton. And the amazing team that transformed me used every single second. They were lead by the very talented Margaret Caragan. My make-up was so good that a particular day comes to mind. I had just finished with hair and make up and decided to take a walk "off set" to focus and find my character, keep in mind I look like a 60 year old women. I happen to walk by this nice looking "young man" who steps out of the way for me and says, "good afternoon" and I respond with a cool hip, "hey." And then he looks at me, I mean really looks at me and the look on his face was such confusion. My face was so old and tired but the swing in my step and contridicted everything. I can only image what he was thinking, or maybe I can't.

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to play Susan. It is not often you get to play a role that can remember and reflect on the mistakes of the past from two different time perspectives. She was writen with such honest deepth. She touched me deeply."

-Shannon Mahoney via The Wisdom Tree.

Lyndsie Moore | Red's Commercial

Lyndsie looking fabulous for Red's. Love it!


Jordan, Abigail & Julia | Magic Fashion Show

New stills up of Jordan, Abigail and Julia on Colorform's website.
Too cute!

To watch the commercial, click here.

Albert Thakur | The Java Life

Cast Images actor Albert Thakur shows off his cubicle (and dance) skills!

This original rap music video made for JavaOne 2011 celebrates the "Java Life".
Dedicated to the developer homies everywhere who code hard day and night.
Think Java programmers meet street Hip Hop.


Thomas Dodson | CCPOA

Thomas Dodson's industrial for CCPOA. "The Journey."

Cast Models | Rami Kashou San Francisco

Cast Images models Megan W, Lyndsie Moore, Abigail D, Alyssa G & Victoria Glover.
Project Runway's Rami Kashou. San Francisco.

Photos | RC Rivera

Cast Models | Style Tour with Stacy London

Great show. Great models. Great to see Stacy London on stage in Sacramento.

Kindall Keefer, 3 Makeover Winners, Rose Hernandez, Ashley J, Brittany Ward,
Victoria Glover, Christina Melocik, Krystal Savonov, Lauren A, Cassidy Hanson
(behind Stacy London), Ashley Robbert, Miki DeZorzi, Asanté Garrott,
Amanda Blythe & Alison Kranz.


Cast Models | Galleria 10.8.11

Cast Images models will be out in force Saturday for the Roseville Galleria's
Grand Reopening.

Nordstrom • 12-2 • Geoff Gehweiler & Jake Harper

Tiffany • 1-3 •  Lyndsie Moore

Style event with TLC's Stacy London • 3:00 • Ashley J, Lauren A, Amanda Blythe,
Sylvia Chang, Miki De Zorzi, Asanté Garott, Victoria Glover, Cassidy Hansen,
Rose Hernandez, Kindall Keefer, Alison Kranz, Christina Melocik,
Ashley Robbert, Krystal Safanov & Brittany Ward.
Find all the details here.

See you there!

Andy Allo | Africa Channel

Snippet of the hour special done on Cast Images alum Andy Allo and her music.
Tune in to the Africa Channel for the whole show.