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Cast Talent | No Address

No Address. Shot in Sacramento! We can't wait for this to come out. Cast Images Talent Agency talent all over this film! 


Dan Marotte, Ryan Tasker, Andrew Roach | Freaky Tales

Freaky Tales, starring Pedro Pascal, kicked off the Sundance Film Festival last night. A big congratulations to Cast Images actors Dan Marotte, Ryan Tasker, and Andrew Roach for their roles in the film! 

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film follows four interconnected stories set in 1987 Oakland. A big thank you to Nina Henninger casting!


Cynthia Gatlin | Gin Rummy

We’re so excited about Cynthia Gatlin’s lead role as Jessie in the SAG short “Gin Rummy.” Heading to festivals now! 

Director: Suzanne Baird 
Casting: Aura Casting