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Secrets of Slating

Would you like to book more commercials? Do you have eleven minutes somewhere in your day to watch an entertaining video? For free?

On-Camera auditions are tremendously competitive...typically a casting director will see 50 - 200 people per role. That means about 2.5 hours of taped auditions that the casting director will edit down to just 30 minutes for the client to view. One way to guarantee that your audition will make the cut is with a strong SLATE.

Carolyne Barry, a top acting coach from Los Angeles, created a must-watch video on how to make your slate stand out. It's also pretty fun to watch her demonstrate all the ways NOT to slate.

Please, click over to Carolyne's article NOW and watch the video!

And, once you watch that one, take five minutes and watch her video on Profiles.

Happy Slating! Happy booking.

Carolyne Barry

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