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Shannon Mahoney | The Wisdom Tree

Cast Images actor Shannon Mahoney in a still from her upcoming feature film,
The Wisdom Tree.

Insights from Shannon on her role:

"I play the role of Susan Hamilton in the film the Wisdom Tree. This role is a particular challenge because not only do I play Susan Hamilton as a young single mother but as a 60 year old women. It took 3 hours in hair and make-up to transform me into the elderly Susan Hamilton. And the amazing team that transformed me used every single second. They were lead by the very talented Margaret Caragan. My make-up was so good that a particular day comes to mind. I had just finished with hair and make up and decided to take a walk "off set" to focus and find my character, keep in mind I look like a 60 year old women. I happen to walk by this nice looking "young man" who steps out of the way for me and says, "good afternoon" and I respond with a cool hip, "hey." And then he looks at me, I mean really looks at me and the look on his face was such confusion. My face was so old and tired but the swing in my step and contridicted everything. I can only image what he was thinking, or maybe I can't.

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to play Susan. It is not often you get to play a role that can remember and reflect on the mistakes of the past from two different time perspectives. She was writen with such honest deepth. She touched me deeply."

-Shannon Mahoney via The Wisdom Tree.

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