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Chase Freedom Commercial

Another behind the scenes look from Cast Images!

Congratulations to the following SAG commercial extras for 
Chase Freedom “Backwards” at Raley Field: Duane RamDonn BerdahlAaron Leong, Josh Levin, Aaron Wilton, Charlie MerloReed DanielsRaul Bustamante, David Ely, Andoni Panici, Talon Akira, Stephanie McCallLeah Jones
, Neketia Brown, Mackenzie BrownKimberly AllenJulie Anchor, Bonnie Antonini, Sebastian Coco, Mike Deurloo, Amy Harris, Ben Helms, Michele HillenRocky LaRochellePatrick MinderlerHeather PierSarah PoynterGillian TarkingtonGary Weinberg and Amos Wright Jr.