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August/ September New Faces

A warm welcome to Jamie Lynn, Colby Salmon, Amelia Avila, Dexter Galang,
Paloma Mariella, Jacob O'Hare, Giovanna Arieta, Raul Bustamante, Chris Greene,
Kristine David, Greg Cala, Candice Waltrip, Joshua O'Hare, Marisa Costa, Carl Marino, Phaedra Starr, Tatum Pond, Bob Grbac, Winzel Brillante, Sara Jean,
Zack Eustaquio, Ginny Gardner, Albert Thakur, Larry Kitigawa, Elle Bennett, David Spiller, Lindsay Killian, Jeremy Hoeneke, Sofia Lacin, Daniel Bettencourt, and Allison Couchman.
All were signed to Cast Images in August and September.

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