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About the Industry | Articles We Love

It can be difficult to find accurate information about our industry, so we've gathered some terrific resources for actors, models, and parents.

Check back often as we update this list regularly.


About Cast Images

     Sac Film Works | The Talent Agent (With Cast Images owner Chandra Bourne)


     Cast Images Submission Tips


     5 Things You Need To Know About Your Agent or Manager


     Making This Business Positive For Kids

     4 Tips to Keep Young Actors Grounded and Real

     The Reality Behind Reality Television (For Kids)

     Protect Your Kids: Check For A CPS Permit


     Tips to Ace a Cold Read (Watch the video!)
     Secrets of Slating (Watch the video!)

     Why Aren't You Booking More? Here's Why!

     The Value of Being Nice

     What Impresses Casting Directors

     8 Reasons Why Actors Must Train

     Things Actors Should Never Do

     Ace The Audition

     No Audition Apologies

     The Call Back Process

     The Avails Process

     What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

     How Keeping an Audition Diary Can Help You Book The Job

     Self Taping Tips

General Advice

     Backstage Experts

     Be A Professional

     SAG-AFTRA Residuals Explained

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