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Emily Greco | Lumosity

Cast Images actor Emily Greco for Lumosity.


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  3. I love your hair! You look amazing. :)

  4. i agree Naveen, it's her very animated facial expression that's so inexplicably charming...i think that she has the expression of a person truly engaged in conversation about something they're really excited's probably so attractive because it's very reminiscent of flirtation...anyways, whomever cast her chose well...

  5. I love that you think my friend Emily is so cute. I totally agree… She’s also an outstanding human being and actor, and she could totally use your help – as in NOW. She was chosen as a finalist for the lead role in an upcoming movie. It would be an amazing boost to her already-blossoming career. Unfortunately, it’s one of those somewhat irritating social media-fueled contests where she has to rely on votes instead of the fact that she’s clearly best for the role. Please consider clicking here: and selecting her. You can only vote once from each browser. Please also consider posting to Facebook, other blogs, Twitter, etc. Thank you so much.


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